Domaine de Boisbuchet | 2013

engaging landscape

The Domaine de Boisbuchet, located on a 15th century estate in rural Lessac France, is an organization/venue that hosts multidisciplinary international summer workshops.  The courses are led by renowned artists, architects, and designers, who live and work together on the campus for one to two weeks throughout the summer.  While the ranges of courses offered is vast, all of them maintain a focus to the highly rural estate on which they take place.

This project, broken up into two phases, focuses on a site in the middle of the campus as the prospective location for new student housing.  The first phase locates eight solar powered houses on site and the second locates one of the platforms for the houses and designs the landscaping around it.

The design goals for this project are to have a minimal impact on the existing environment and to highlight the site’s rural qualities.  Placing the eight houses along the same topographical elevation of other important buildings on campus to allows ease of movement between these locations.  The grading and landscaping of the site at the scale of the individual house makes visible the phenomenon of water sheet draining across the sloped site by channeling it into various runnels.  The runnels also serve as placeholders for additional houses in the future.